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Time and the technosphere : the law of time in human affairs by José Argüelles

By José Argüelles

A groundbreaking examine that distinguishes the average time of the cosmos from man made mechanistic time.

• finds September eleven because the sign of the top of synthetic time based on the legislation of Time.

• lengthy awaited sequel to the author's bestselling publication The Mayan Factor.

• Explains the nice Calendar swap of 2004 and its huge, immense capability for the way forward for humanity.

In Time and the Technosphere, José Argüelles offers a groundbreaking examine that distinguishes the traditional time of the cosmos from the synthetic mechanistic time lower than which we presently reside. Argüelles defines the particular nature of time because the frequency of synchronization. utilising this legislation of Time to an realizing of the whole method of existence in the world, he exhibits that during order not to smash Earth's skill to maintain existence, we needs to switch our definition of time and undertake a normal harmonic calendar in response to the 13-moon 28-day cycle. till the construction of the Gregorian calendar and the 60-minute hour, such a lot of humanity lived through the 28-day cycle of normal time. The adoption of synthetic time has subjected us to a 12:60 time frequency that governs the full international industrialized civilization--the technosphere. With the cave in of the dual Towers on September eleven, a fissure used to be created during this man made technosphere, starting up the noosphere (Earth's psychological envelope).
Humanity has a golden chance to go away the strife of the earlier and input a time of peace via adopting a harmonious typical calendar that would fix the damages as a result of the abnormal pace of technospheric time. Our final top probability to undertake this average time and step into the brilliant new destiny promised via the galactic shift of 2012 is the nice Calendar swap of 2004, a brand new discovery in line with the author's mathematical learn into the Mayan calendar first all started in his landmark paintings The Mayan Factor. In Time and the Technosphere, Argüelles unearths the transparent contrast among three-dimensional astronomical time and the fourth-dimensional synchronic order of the legislation of Time, which holds huge, immense strength for the way forward for humanity.

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In the case of the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, we are also dealing with symbolic constellations of such potency that the very act of their shattering redefines the reality of human consciousness. In fact, the nature and problem of human consciousness as it has evolved historically is also at the root of this astonishing event. While it will take time for the collective human consciousness to fully grasp just how much its reality is being redefined, a vacuum now exists within the technosphere itself-a vacuum which awaits being filled by a new paradigm.

The program tested at Trinity structure of the technosphere, prefiguring again in 1973, and the Inevitable Event was already Site (July 16, 1945), and established as the atomic destruction of Preliminary Definitions. 29 Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) and Nagasaki (August 9, 1945). This program destruction was sublimated in 1973 as the triumphant completion of mass of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, only so that in 2001 they could be the apocalyptic target of the inevitable 9-11 planetary red alert and moral emergency catastrophe, of Hiroshima the only rival and Nagasaki in fifty-six years.

This being the case, it is more important unresolved questions in Vernadsky's definition sciousness and the question According than ever to answer the two of the biosphere, the question of con- of time. to the Law of Time, the answers to the questions posed by Vernadsky are actually one and the same thing. 1n essence, Vernadsky declared, we know everything about the biosphere, its governing laws, principles, and functions, with the exception of the mysterious relation of time to the biosphere. Virtually alone among modern scientists, Preliminary Definitions.

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