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The Magician's Workbook: A Modern Grimoire by Steve Savedow

By Steve Savedow

Finally, the definitive rookies booklet of formality magic and astral projection. Steve Savedow has studied the paintings of Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, S.L. MacGregor-Mathers and different influential lecturers within the box. within the Magicians Workbook, he brings jointly the fundamental subject matters of vintage occult literature to supply new scholars with step by step, useful suggestions for constructing a paranormal existence. Savedow explains the principals of magic and covers vital issues resembling mediation, astral projection, Qabalah, tarot, phrases of strength, the idea of God-forms, yoga, and extra. information are integrated for appearing 4 banishing rituals, 4 planetary invocations, an everyday Eucharist ritual, and rituals for developing and charging talismans. Readers should be brought to rituals composed through Aleister Crowley, in addition to new rituals created via the writer. The Magicians Workbook is a transparent and complete guide that gives an entire software of analysis resulting in self-initiation. here's the basic workbook for newbies, and an invaluable reference for complicated practitioners who're guide others within the perform of formality magic.

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5Bok 4 is actually parts 1 and 2 of a trilogy, in which MAgick in Theory and Practice is part 3. 6-J'here is no need to make a study of the lengthy quotes from the various gri­ moires in this book, although they are fascinating. For now, just read them through once, and concern yowseH mainly with Waite's commentaries. 7Do not use early or antiquarian editions! Buy cheap reprints to make marks in. 24 I STEVE SAVEDOW Other Recommended Reading Astral Projection, Ritual Magic & Alchemy (S. L. MacGregor- Mathers) The Black Arts (Richard Cavendish) The Book of Splendours (Eliphas Levi) Ceremonial Magic (Israel Regardie) The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic (Israel Regardie) The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy (Cornelius Agrippa) The Golden Bough Garnes Frazer) The Golden Dawn (Israel Regardie) The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic & Indian Occultism (L.

9) Take five or six long deep breaths before closing your eyes. Continue breathing in this manner, but do not make a concentrated effort. Allow yourself to do it naturally. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself alone, enveloped in complete blackness and emptiness. " Se Appendix D. 'Se figure 12. 56 I STEVESAVEOOW [Note: This next step may be difficult, possibly requiring several attempts to master. Just remember that persistence will pay off. ] 10) Now try to "empty" your mind. Release every thought that is in your mind.

9"Liber 0 vel Manus et Sagittae" in Magic in Theory and Practice, p. 375. Crowley originally published this material in The Equinox, Vol. I, p. 11. A 1992 reprint of The Equinox is available from Samuel Weiser, York Beach, ME. ) p. 327. 30 I STEVE SAVEOOW EHIEH {White) YEHUWAU ELOHIM {Lavender) YEHUWAU ALOAH VEDOTH {Gold) SHADAI EL CHAI {Violet) ADONAI HA ARETZ {Black) Figure 4. The Middle Pillar Ritual. 34 I STEVE SAVEOW BANISHING INVOKING EARTH WATER AIR FIRE SPIRIT (ACTIVE) SPIRIT (PASSIVE) Figure 8.

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