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Take Control of iPad Basics (v1.1) by Tonya Engst

By Tonya Engst

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In Safari, try to access any Web page, which will instead load the connection page for the hotspot. On that page, you may have to agree to certain rules 45 or enter your credit card number. Once you’ve finished whatever the page wants you to do, you should be able to use the Internet. • Owners of first-generation Wi-Fi–only iPads have reported a variety of problems with flaky or weak Wi-Fi connections. I hope—and assume—that Apple will fix this disappointing problem in a future firmware update.

Most app data is saved in your iPad backup, but you can’t recover individual files. It’s all or nothing. See Know Backup Basics, later, to learn more about this important topic. No X? You can’t delete the default Apple apps. If you don’t want one cluttering up your Home screen, the best you can do is relegate it to a page way to the right. • Use iTunes on your computer: Connect your iPad to your computer, and in the iTunes sidebar, select your iPad and click the Apps tab. Locate the app in the apps list at the left and deselect the app’s checkbox.

You must log in to continue. The iPad shows the app icon with a dimmed icon on the first page of the Home screen that has a free spot. A page will be added if needed. A progress bar on the icon fills as the app downloads and installs. ) Next time you connect your iPad to your computer, you may get a message asking if you want to copy your new app to your computer. Unless you want to delete the app entirely, you should click the Transfer button. ) Either way, iTunes begins syncing data between the computer and the iPad and you’ll see messages about backing up and syncing.

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