Brick Lane


Kaylie, Anna, Sam, and I went out to Brick lane on a Sunday. There are food booths lining every sidewalk (excuse me, pavement) from every nation, vendors with handmade goods, vintage shops, ads for free vinyl records, burlap sacks, a cereal bar, pubs, fabric shops, or anything else you can think of. I could have spent the entire day wandering around through the stalls. People were crawling everywhere and cars were (for some reason I cannot fathom) trying to inch their way through the crowds. Continue reading

The Flat with out the Night Shadows


After many tired hours of travel we arrived to the flat. This morning I awoke and realized what a lovely neighborhood we are in! We are in Westminster, right down the road from a small collection of shops. Just a short walk to get a pastry, coffee or fruit in the morning! Or, you know, rescue you if you’re in desperate need of toilet paper… That’s more of what actually happened. Continue reading