Welcome to Paris

ACM is giving us two free weekends where we are encouraged to travel! For my first trip I decided to go to Paris with Anna! We hopped on a coach headed from London to Paris on Thursday evening. Friday morning we arrived smelly and exhausted, but in Paris!!! We went to the Louvre during the day (where we received free entry as students). It was rainy, which made it a perfect day to stay inside.IMG_0837

There were baguettes EVERYWHERE. advertised on billboards, sticking out of tote bags, in bakery windows, sad looking ones in garbage cans. We had been in France for about 10 minutes when we saw a small boy with an armload of baguettes screaming “Mama! Mama!”

Boulangeries peppered the streets, their windows filled with macaroons and croissants galore. I had more pastries than I probably should have. ;) Anna and I sat and split a platter of fromage and mixed meats. (We think we know what we ate, but we can’t be sure. It was delicious though!)



I also had my first hostel experience! Bonus: they only charged us for one night but we stayed for two.

We went to an exhibit on tattoos out of sheer curiosity. It was very interesting from what we could glean from the plaques written in French. ;) We visited the Arch de Triumph, which gave us the most breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. It sits in the center of a roundabout that connects TWELVE different streets.

It was well worth the 9 hour bus ride!







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