First Call to Foreign Life


We are kicking off our international education in Canada, the land of good humor.

Stereotypes about the country are not seen as offensive, but embraced, absorbed and proudly displayed. This bold young lady clearly embodies the Canadian good humor attitude.

Canada Cultural Costume Miss. Universe

This girl has guts. Need proof? Go look at her competitors then look back at her.

This airport has an entire stand in the duty-free section dedicated solely to maple syrup. This is especially impressive when one considers that the other stands are slimmed down considerably- the Body Shop only has original scent and some gross fruity orangie thing. Only two scent lines from the Body Shop?!? That’s unheard of.  SYRRRUUUUUP

They also have this:


How sweet is that? The San Jose airport BigToy has nothing on a 30-foot fish tank! I wouldn’t even mind having a delayed flight in this terminal.


Photo Cred:INF, Meeee, MEEEEE

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