Brick Lane


Kaylie, Anna, Sam, and I went out to Brick lane on a Sunday. There are food booths lining every sidewalk (excuse me, pavement) from every nation, vendors with handmade goods, vintage shops, ads for free vinyl records, burlap sacks, a cereal bar, pubs, fabric shops, or anything else you can think of. I could have spent the entire day wandering around through the stalls. People were crawling everywhere and cars were (for some reason I cannot fathom) trying to inch their way through the crowds.

I would like to know who was responsible for this sign being necessary:


Much like in How I Met Your Mother when the group was responsible for the implementation of this sign:


Each of us got food from a different booth, and thus a different nation. I tried Sri Lankan food for the first time. The lady I bought it from told me it was spicy and I said I was prepared. She was right. My face almost melted off. But it was delicious, so it was worth it.


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