I arrived in Florence after spring break in Spain for a week. We had some free time to explore on our own, then we met as a group and had a delicious three course meal and gelato!  I thought that was quite a treat, but apparently it is standard! All dinners here are three courses, usually starting with pasta, then eating meat dish plus dessert. That’s quite a change for me! Our host mother, Signora Silvia, serves us dinner at 8, so we have plenty of time to work up an appetite! 

We met out host families the day after we arrived. My home stay is in the city center, only a five minute walk to the classroom. I am right next to San Lorenzo church and the Medici palace, only a short walk away from the duomo itself!

So far we have visited San Lorenzo, the Medici palace, the Galileo Museum, Santa Croce church, San Marco church, Orsanmichele and countless famous piazzas. We will visit the Ufizzi gallery and church that the duomo rests on shortly. Each place has works of art done by insanely famous Renaissance painters whose names sound more legendary than real. Michangelo, Donatello, Dante, Leonardo da Vinci; the list goes on and on.

We just had Easter / pascua today- it was nuts. The piazza del duomo was packed with people watching the parade end with a seriously impressive display of fireworks. A 300 year old oriental wagon/cart/structure that somehow has survived the smoke and sparks was parked in between the  main church and the separated baptistery. After an hour of standing crammed against Jane Marie and Emily, it was worth seeing the fireworks. GC would have liked some of them in particular. :)

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