I arrived in Florence after spring break in Spain for a week. We had some free time to explore on our own, then we met as a group and had a delicious three course meal and gelato!  I thought that was quite a treat, but apparently it is standard! All dinners here are three courses, usually starting with pasta, then eating meat dish plus dessert. That’s quite a change for me! Our host mother, Signora Silvia, serves us dinner at 8, so we have plenty of time to work up an appetite!  Continue reading


Welcome to Paris

ACM is giving us two free weekends where we are encouraged to travel! For my first trip I decided to go to Paris with Anna! We hopped on a coach headed from London to Paris on Thursday evening. Friday morning we arrived smelly and exhausted, but in Paris!!! We went to the Louvre during the day (where we received free entry as students). It was rainy, which made it a perfect day to stay inside.IMG_0837

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We journeyed north to the home of Shakespeare: Stratford upon Avon! Thanks to a “landslip” we had an altered route involving at least three trains and a bus. We arrived on B&B row, where our group of 19 had reserved rooms at three different B&B’s. Sam, Anna, Kaylie, and I stayed at The Hathaways, named in honor of the Hathaway family, whose eldest daughter married Shakespeare (quite the scandalous relationship too! They were the talk of the town at their shotgun wedding!) Continue reading

Brick Lane


Kaylie, Anna, Sam, and I went out to Brick lane on a Sunday. There are food booths lining every sidewalk (excuse me, pavement) from every nation, vendors with handmade goods, vintage shops, ads for free vinyl records, burlap sacks, a cereal bar, pubs, fabric shops, or anything else you can think of. I could have spent the entire day wandering around through the stalls. People were crawling everywhere and cars were (for some reason I cannot fathom) trying to inch their way through the crowds. Continue reading