In Florence there is one major cathedral that towers over the city. It has an enormous dome that was an architectural wonder in its day, and is still an architectural mystery today. The dome was so enormous and high that it would have been more expensive to build the scaffolding to support it than the cost of the actual done itself, so it sat empty for years until Brunelleschi somehow came up with a plan to build it. The inside of the dome is magnificently painted, and the outside is high and has a fantastic 360 degree view of the city. Here is what we saw after climbing to the top! My house is in the second picture. I’m right in the center of the city! Continue reading



We journeyed north to the home of Shakespeare: Stratford upon Avon! Thanks to a “landslip” we had an altered route involving at least three trains and a bus. We arrived on B&B row, where our group of 19 had reserved rooms at three different B&B’s. Sam, Anna, Kaylie, and I stayed at The Hathaways, named in honor of the Hathaway family, whose eldest daughter married Shakespeare (quite the scandalous relationship too! They were the talk of the town at their shotgun wedding!) Continue reading

The Flat with out the Night Shadows


After many tired hours of travel we arrived to the flat. This morning I awoke and realized what a lovely neighborhood we are in! We are in Westminster, right down the road from a small collection of shops. Just a short walk to get a pastry, coffee or fruit in the morning! Or, you know, rescue you if you’re in desperate need of toilet paper… That’s more of what actually happened. Continue reading